In 2023, we achieved quite a lot

IPMUN Closing Ceremony

As a first-time conference, we had the ability

Foster debates for 139 delegates

Be visited 8 total delegations

Accomodate delegates visiting from 99 countries

An opportunity to use 4 beautiful venues

Hosted within the esteemed walls of the Law Faculty of Charles University, the conference allowed delegates from numerous schools across the world to collaborate on current, past, and future issues. Delegates from diverse backgrounds and cultures convened to deliberate on pressing global issues, showcasing their diplomatic prowess and negotiation skills. The event was underscored by the captivating opening ceremony, held in the historic municipal hall, followed by sessions held in the esteemed Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Through spirited debates and constructive dialogue, IPMUN fostered mutual understanding and paved the way for innovative solutions to the challenges facing our interconnected world.

The bar has been set high. Time to push it even higher.